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Musol TechnologyWhen MuSol was first established, it was decided to go back to fundamentals and redesign the way odours were treated. Essentially, the foulest ordours associated with sewage treatment processes are the result of chronic sulphate reducing bacteria. In order to avoid large odour extraction systems, MuSol have developed a method of eliminating the gas before it has the opportunity to escape into the air.

The technology uses a proprietary oxidising agent that scavenges hydrogen sulphide and other reduced sulphides such as dimethyl sulphide and mercaptans. It does not react with any other organic compounds and therefore has a very low demand.

Chemicals that are typically used to treat hydrogen sulphide and other odour forming compounds are not specific and tend to destroy the organic material that is so important to the wastewater treatment process.

Musol Technology oxidising agents organic compoundsMuSol products oxidise sulphides converting them to sulphates. The products will react with either sulphides that are resident in the sludge or as soon as they are formed. A stabilising product is added to prevent further emission of odours from the sludge during storage, transportation, disposal and long residence time in the sewer systems. MuSol products have been proven to be more effective that other odour control systems such as potassium permanganate, nitrate technology and ferric chloride.