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Sludge Systems
Sluge Systems by MuSolMuSol were the first company to pioneer the direct injection of a stabilised oxidising agent into sludge systems where odour generation is a major problem. Often the thickening and dewatering of primary and secondary sludge give rise to offensive odours which, if not treated, can cause environmental nuisance and health and safety concerns for the public and site operators alike.

The MuSol MPOX range of products are engineered to be specific to the type of odour generated from particular dewatering operations.

Gravity Belt ThickenersGravity Belt Thickeners, Plate and Belt Presses and Centrifuge systems have all benefited from the economic addition of MPOX products - whether the application is to fight Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptans or other reduced sulphides, MuSol have the answer.