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Sludge and Septic Transport
Recent changes to the way the public perceive odour has led to the necessity for plant operators and road hauliers to treat bad odours from their trucks. Odour coming from trucks on public roads can give rise to a large number of complaints, more often than not targeted at the sewage works receiving the sludge or septic water. MuSol have developed the perfect solution. A simple treatment system is retrofitted to the existing filling or emptying point to provide total deodorisation of the tanker contents. In this way the operator can decide to treat at uplift or discharge in order to minimise the potential for odour complaints.

The product works so quickly that as soon as the active ingredient mixes with the odour it is neutralised - thereby avoiding the possibility of nuisance smells. The system, like all MuSol installations, is low capital cost and benefits from low running costs.