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Septicity Control
Septicity ControlThe formation of hydrogen sulphide and other reduced sulphides is a significant problem for collection systems the world over. Typically gas formation leads to problems of odour, corrosion of capital assets and inlet toxicity to treatment plants. The MuSol MPOX-A system has been developed specifically to deal with the problems of inlet septicity and has been proven in both gravity and forced main systems.

Unlike other treatment systems where broad spectrum oxidisers may be used, the MuSol system is stabilised to give significant benefits of treatment downstream. This Musol Uk Septicity controleffectively protects capital asset further and for longer. Septicity is treated as it is generated by the unique way in which MPOX-A forms a chemical reservoir in the main - remaining unreactive until needed. In head to head trials, MuSol MPOX-A has outperformed the competition in terms of cost and effectiveness - the next generation of septicity control has finally arrived.