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Pathogen kill and Cake Stabilisation
Pathogen Kill biosoilsAll over the world beneficial reuse of biosolids is regarded as a sustainable environmental option. Currently pathogen count is controlled by either digestion techniques or the addition of lime.

The equipment required for the application of lime is large and expensive and the addition program can be onerous for operators, not to mention the problems of ammonia odours and heat generation.

In contrast, MuSol MPSX has been developed to provide a fast acting pathogen kill system with low capital cost and no noxious odour generated.

The system consists of a liquid pre-treatment and a solid post-treatment. The result is controllable pathogen kill, where the user can select the degree of treatment.

The addition of the solid post-treatment allows the rheology of the sludge product to be tailored for different applications – effectively making the sludge solids as small or as large as needed to achieve site requirements for storage and spreading.